Leg Length Inequality
Tuesday, March 13, 2012 at 8:31PM
Dr. Martin Dziak in Certified Pedorthist, arthritis, bone diseases, hip replacement, leg fracture, leg length, leg length inequality, spinal scoliosis, undefined
A leg length inequality can be a significant cause of pain. The most common causes of leg length inequality are spinal scoliosis, a surgically repaired leg fracture, hip or knee replacement, hip arthritis, Bone Diseases (Dysplasias), or a developmental Bone Infection.

Common signs that a leg length inequality is present, is that the shoes do no wear evenly on the bottom, more specifically that one shoe is wearing out much more than the other. If a leg length inequality exists it is important that it be corrected with either a lift that is added into your shoe, a lift that is built into your orthotic or if it is significant, built right into your shoes. Our Certified Pedorthist can perform a full history and physical examination and determine if a leg length inequality is present and contributing to your pain and the best path as to correct it.

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