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How Massage Therapy helps with Postural Imbalance

Massage therapy is an excellent choice when it comes to treatment of postural dysfunctions and body asymmetries.  While the bones in our body are structural building blocks, symmetry of muscles, fascial and joint mobility are what is necessary to achieve appropriate posture and function.
How many of you lean to one side when you are in the car or at the desk in your office?  It feels more comfortable to slouch rather keeping your shoulders back and posture straight. Such imbalances if not rectified with massage  therapy (and exercise) can, over time, lead to changes so profound they affect the bones in the body causing structural imbalance.  A lifetime of imbalance can lead to pain and dysfunction and if severe may require surgery to alleviate. You don’t want to get to this place.
Not all postural dysfunctions have to always affect the bones. Functional dysfunction can be altered because they do not involve the boney structures but instead the muscles, fascia and ligaments. Massage therapy is proven to give great results for treating such functional imbalances.
While massage therapy does not increase strength, quicker more upbeat techniques can increase muscle tone. The strengthening of weak and over stretched muscles is done after and between therapy sessions as part of a resistance based self-care regimen.

If you are in pain from an existing muscle imbalance, registered Massage therapy may just be what helps you break on through.