Custom Orthotics for Women Without Sacrificing Fashion
Friday, October 2, 2015 at 1:13PM
Dr. Martin Dziak in Certified Pedorthist, custom orthotics for women, dress orthotics

Custom Orthotics have a reputation of being big and bulky.  However recent advancements in carbon fiber materials and orthotic design  have allowed orthotics to be much more streamlined than ever before.  These new streamlined orthotics allow us to design orthotics to be narrower and have shallow heal cups and will fit into your existing footwear, making your feet significantly more comfortable than you ever thought possible.

This type of orthotic is easily transferable from shoe to shoe and is thinner, narrower and will fit into dress flats, dress shoes and boots and heals up to 2 inches in height.


Materials used to cover the orthotic vary based on use and preferences and can range from vinyl, to leather, to thin absorptive materials for women who have sweaty feet or prefer a little cushion.



Bring the most common pairs of shoes with you to your appointment.

Our Certified Pedorthist will exam your feet and your shoes and design the correct orthotic to fit your shoes and your lifestyle.


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