Massage Therapy and Intestinal Issues
Wednesday, October 4, 2017 at 7:47PM
Dr. Martin Dziak in Massage Therapy, colitis, crohn's, diarrhea, intestinal issues

Massage therapy can be a great way to treat intestinal issues. Whether you are suffering from I.B.S., indigestion, crohn's, colitis, diarrhea or constipation massage therapy can help relieve these conditions. Massage therapist Jarrett-Amor has become very effective in treating these conditions. Using non-invasive techniques which help promote relaxation of the muscles and structure that coincide with the digestive nerves. By relaxing these structures and muscles it helps release compressed nerves allowing better and more improved neurological flow. These techniques are vital in opening up the nerve pathways that aid in digestion and thus allow the patient to start feeling better and easing their digestive disorders. He has been using these techniques for 3 years and has found that they are extremely effective with these digestive disorders as well as other structural conditions. If you suffer from digestive disorders you should consider coming in for a massage from Jarrett and see the benefits of massage for digestive conditions.

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