The Treatment of Toxic Scars and Persistent Inflammation using Ear Acupuncture (Auricular Acupuncture) 
Friday, June 30, 2017 at 9:52AM
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The earliest mention of Ear Acupuncture was found in the 1st century BCE in Chinese text of the Inner Classics of the Yellow Emperor. The more recent and systematic development of ear acupuncture was done by a French Medical Doctor, Paul Nogier in the 1950’s.

Nogier discovered that areas on the Auricle of the ear represent different body system and body parts and can be stimulate via – Acupuncture needle, Ionic Agent (sticker with a Gold / Silver Pellet) or Laser.

The Stimulation of Nerve Receptors on the ear to create temporary changes in the brain and nervous system can affect different areas in the body, to improve blood flow, relax muscles and reduce inflammation.

What is Auricular Acupuncture good for?

1.    Auricular Acupuncture is very good in the treatment of Chronic and Acute pain. Since all the body parts are represented on the Map of the Ear – we can treat the whole body via acupuncture points on the Ear.  The Great advantage of Ear Acupuncture Vs. Body Acupuncture is that the Acupuncturist can leave stimulating agents on the ear to continue the treatment when the patient goes home.

For example, In the case of Lower Back pain the Acupuncturist can leave Semi-Permanent Needles (needles that stay in for a few days and then fall out by themselves) or Gold or Silver Pellets in the ear in the area that represents the lower back, to create a more lasting pain reduction in the patient’s body (Muscle relaxation and lowering of inflammation – Gold is to strengthen an area and Silver is to reduce inflammation in an area.)

Ear acupuncture is especially great for more persistent conditions that need a longer stimulation of acupuncture points.

2.   Another use for Ear Acupuncture is for Treatment of Internal Scars and the treatment of body areas that are not well regulated.

Example A: an older patient that was suffering from chronic headaches for many years had become headache free by treating his tonsillectomy scar on the ear reflex map that represented his tonsils.

Example B: Female patients with Planter Fasciitis was helped by treatment of her C-Section scar on the abdomen and in the ear reflex that represented the Uterus.

Example C: Female Patient with an old Ectopic Pregnancy Scar that was suffering from Chronic lower back pain, was treated in the Ear reflex of the Ovary to help reduce her chronic lower back condition.

These examples demonstrate that the body can hold Inflammation and tension in internal and external scars for a long time. We are able affect these Scar to be less Interfering for the body and successfully reducing symptoms, using Auricular (Ear) Acupuncture.

How do we Diagnose Which Areas / Reflexes / Scars are Active?

In-order to find which reflex areas in the ear are active, we use a special probe, while monitoring the pulse (radial pulse) of the patient. When the probe touches a reflex area that is active there is a distinct change in the pulse.

When the area is treated successfully, when the reflex area is touched by the probe, there is no change in the radial pulse. It might take a few sessions to clear a problem area or a scar.

If you have chronic pain or other conditions that have been resistant to treatment, you might have an area of inflammation or an “Active Scar” that might be impeding the ability of your body to self heal. Auricular Acupuncture might help “clear” that blockage and help your body to better self regulate.

– By: Nir Saar R.Ac

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