Osteopathy is a form of manual hands on medicine. The osteopathic approach is to not only look at the presenting symptoms but to look at the body as a whole because it is commonly found that a problem in one part of the body can have its origins, or part of its origin elsewhere to where the discomfort is being felt.

Along with looking at the big picture, the osteopathic approach looks at specific structural and functional connections, including the joints, muscles, the spine, connective tissues and organs to see how these tissues may be involved to find the root cause of the problem and to get you better as quickly as possible.

We use all of the information gathered during a detailed history and physical examination to formulate a treatment plan. Treatment consist of hands on techniques that are safe and effective and are often different than treatments given by other types of manual practitioners

While immediate pain relief is an important consideration, the aim of osteopathy is to get patients well and to keep them well. Hands-on treatment can range from very subtle techniques, that can be used for babies, to more robust techniques used for athletes.